Stern Pinball Launches Insider Connected Program


Stern Pinball has announced their latest initiative – Insider Connected. The system brings new ways to interact with their pinball machines across a variety of environments. Using QR codes on participating machines, players can access their Stern profiles and see their achievements, scores and game progression, as well as get access to a new set of game forums and other social interactions.

It’s all about a new way to engage players, Stern Pinball’s Chief Creative Officer George Gomez told RePlay. Insider Connected also has an operator-focused toolset to drive location play and manage every aspect of the machines.

“Insider Connected allows operators to address their customers directly and present them with incentives to engage with the games and the location,” Gomez said. “For example, an operator can issue ‘Challenge Quests’ to the community. If a player chooses to take on those challenges and complete them, the operator can reward the player directly. An operator can issue a Challenge Quest that says: ‘Play four consecutive nights on any two connected machines at these locations and get ‘X’ reward.’ It could be a signed translite or free plays or popcorn or cheeseburgers – whatever they can legally give as rewards.”

Insider Connected, in development for several years, goes live in September and the full scope of features will be rolled out over the course of the next year. Read the full story in the September issue of RePlay or click here to read it on our website now.


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