SPREE Premieres AR Bumper Cars Collab


In collaboration with Deutsche Telekom’s tech incubator hubraum and Qualcomm’s SPACES program, SPREE Interactive has announced their new AR Bumper Cars.

“We are excited to have SPREE be part of our community building on Snapdragon Spaces, their bumper car experience takes to heart what it means to reimagine reality,” said Martin Herdina, senior director of XR at Qualcomm.

The product was demonstrated at the 10-year anniversary of hubraum in Berlin. “SPREE has successfully augmented real-life bumper cars with a Metaverse overlay powered by Snapdragon Spaces to enable a world of possibilities,” the company said. “Users will play an exhilarating sci-fi game, a derivative of Cyberblaster, that was made in collaboration with award-winning Hollywood studio Pixomondo. The experience is also a competitive one, with players trying to reach the highest score whilst shooting from their battery-powered bumper cars.”

Learn more at www.jointhespree.com.


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