SPREE Interactive Shows Off VR Bumper Car Attraction


Cyber Blaster – a virtual reality bumper car experience – is the newest attraction from SPREE Interactive, previously known as HolodeckVR.

The game is set in the not-so-distant future where humans have uploaded their consciousnesses into a virtual world. “Cyber Blaster sees the players jumping into hover vehicles and protecting the virtual world from an unknown techno virus. In the real world, the players jump into physical bumper cars and wear special VR headsets which provide perfect synchronization between the game and the real environment.”

“There has always been a lot of interest in our VR bumper car solution,” said Jonathan Nowak Delgado, co-founder and managing director of SPREE Interactive. “Many clients have been requesting a science-fiction themed game and Cyber Blaster delivers. We are delighted to bring Cyber Blaster to a number of locations over the summer months.”

Their content development partners on the project were the Oscar-winning VFX studio PIXOMONDO, who they previously worked with on their free-roam Mission to Mars attraction. Learn more at www.jointhespree.com.


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