SPREE Interactive Shows Newest, Family-Friendly Game


Shown at this year’s Amusement Expo was Anteater Picnic Panic, the new family-friendly game from SPREE Interactive.

The free-roam VR attraction maker said it’s a sequel to the SPREE Arena game of the same name and encourages strategy and teamwork as players (as Anteater avatars) must defend the picnic that’s under attack from vengeful ants.

“We have brought the Anteaters back in a fun new scenario, where players need to strategize in their Anteater avatar and work together to protect their delicious picnic from thieving insects,” said Sarah Stief, SPREE’s head of content. “With seasonal content and additional features, the game is set in a rich environment for the whole family to engage in social, active fun.”

Learn more about the game at www.jointhespree.com.


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