SPREE Interactive, ASI Partnering at DEAL Show


VR attraction maker SPREE Interactive will release their new multiplayer VR Playground and the kid-friendly shooter Splish Splash at the upcoming DEAL Expo, partnering with Amusement Services International for the launch.

The company said VR Playground is the latest version of their award-winning multiplayer free-roam VR arenas. It has a new look and new features like an auto-play game playlist and state-of-the-art HTC Vive Focus 3 VR headsets.

There are options for footprints as small as 340 sq. ft. and the playground is available in 4-player, 6-player and 10-player configurations.

“Following the success of our VR Laser Tag games, we wanted to bring that SPREE magic to the whole family,” said head of content Sarah Stief. “Splish Splash, with its whimsical graphics and amusing gameplay, is perfect for the lucrative 6-12 demographic. Splish Splash is a dynamic environment providing entertainment for all ages.”

Visit www.jointhespree.com for additional information.


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