Spider-Man Coin Pusher Third Marvel Game for Andamiro


Andamiro has announced the industry-wide introduction of their new Spider-Man Coin Pusher, a game featuring “cutting-edge electromechanical design” and marking their third collaboration with Marvel Studios. The company says the piece, which has been operating exclusively at Dave & Buster’s this summer, begins shipping to Andamiro’s main dealers this week with steady inventory expected by mid-October.

The two-player, attention-grabbing cabinet allows players to exercise precision in launching coins at targets with the goal of pushing Spider-Man’s blue and red spheres over the ledge.

“Central to the game’s allure is the auto-rotating coin-firing mechanism, mirroring Spider-Man’s web-shooting ability in his signature hand gesture,” the company wrote. “Triggered with a single shot, the mechanism propels three coins in rapid succession, introducing an element of surprise and strategic planning. As coins cascade through illuminated targets at the back of the playfield, they drive an array of effects.” This culminates in the Rapid Auto Shot event, in which up to 45 coins rain down in 15 seconds.

“This is our fourth pusher and our best,” said Andamiro USA president Drew Maniscalco. “I was on location during the testing period and player reactions were phenomenal. The game was a top earner every week and worked flawlessly during the test period.

“Players really enjoyed shooting coins onto the playfield from Spider-Man’s hand and the game rules are engaging, and the action is nonstop. Spider-Man is an evergreen license, and its fan base is very loyal and touches all ages.”

To learn more about the game, visit: www.andamirousa.com/product/spider-man-coin-pusher. You can also email [email protected].


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