Spare Time Texas Preps For RFID Tech


Spare Time Texas ExteriorIntercard has recently completed an installation of its i3 Readers at Spare Time’s newest FEC location in Pflugerville, Texas. The ultra-modern bowling center opened in December of 2015, and features an arcade, a multi-level laser tag arena, full-service bar and grill and a private bowling lounge.

Spare Time says it saw plenty of benefits in Intercard’s technology, but specifically noted the versatility of card payment options as one of their most desired features.

“We felt Intercard is ahead of their competitors when it comes to RFID technology,” said Rick Heim, who owns Spare Time Texas with partner Mike Emmons. “Their i3 Reader allows us to use mag strip for now, then integrate RFID next year or so without having to switch out readers. Also, Intercard has a sophisticated marketing platform for this industry, which provides more guest-relations opportunities, such as adding free plays to guests’ cards, if you want to. It’s pretty early, but we’re very happy with the results so far.”

RFID cards, coined “smart cards,” allow the user to tap to pay, and are becoming a popular addition to modern day cards due to their convenience. Intercard says its i3 Readers allow customers with these cards to pay easily.

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