Spaces VR Debuts in the O.C.

Team Photo

RePlay’s Key Snodgress joins Spaces CEO/Co-Founder Shiraz Akmal and locals Greg (age 11) and Grant Goodrich in playing a game.

There’s a new VR game in town! Spaces VR, co-founded by Shiraz Akmal and Brad Herman, opened its first store in the Irvine Spectrum Center in Irvine, Calif., with a fun, four-player mixed reality experience called Terminator Salvation.

RePlay’s Key Snodgress, to a spectator, looks like she’s just standing in an interior space, but in her world, she’s actively battling Terminators.

Outfitted with HP backpacks, VR headsets and markers on their hands and feet, players enter the arena – a roughly 20’ x 20’ stage outfitted with physical props – and play the part of human/terminator hybrids. The experience takes about 30 minutes, including the initial face scan of each player to the mission briefing, gear up and down and rankings, with about 12-15 minutes of active play time. The cost per player is $30.

RePlay’s Key Snodgress (right) got a chance to try it out on media day, which had a mix of the general public drifting in to see what was going on as well as the press and execs. She teamed with CEO Akmal and 11-year-old Grant Goodrich and his father Greg. Grant said, “It was really fun! At the end when you drop down, I felt like I was parachuting or something like you do on Knott’s Berry Farm’s Supreme Scream. I felt that drop in my stomach even though I wasn’t really moving!”

More locations are coming soon and, yes, there are ways for FECs and other LBE locations to partner with the company to open Spaces VR attractions. Learn more in the October issue of RePlay and if you can’t wait until then, visit Spaces VR online at to learn more. See Key’s playthrough of the game here.


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