South Carolina to Reverse Pinball Ban for Minors


If you’re under 18 in South Carolina, you are not legally allowed to play pinball. Such laws are still on the books in numerous localities around the nation, despite wholesale pinball bans being a thing of the past. (Whether they’re adhered to or not is a different story.)

In South Carolina, state Rep. Todd Rutherford introduced a bill in December that would repeal this current prohibition of minors playing pinball machines. According to The Post and Courier, the legislator’s 8-year-old niece alerted him about the ban.

In this case, even without a reversal, don’t look for any South Carolinian kids being hauled off to the slammer anytime soon. “With all levels of confidence I can advise that the Charleston Police Department does not enforce this law nor have we issued any citations for such,” said department spokesman Inspector Michael Gillooly.


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