Sonic Basketball’s Lightning Lighting Overhaul


Visitors to this month’s Euro Attractions Show, held in Berlin Sept. 26-28, will get the first look at Sega’s newly augmented Sonic Basketball. The firm retooled the LED lighting with reactive effects, rewarding a solid shot with bright, flashing colors and a cheer.

Vince Moreno, U.S. sales manager, explained: “The brand new dazzling lights takes the look of Sonic Basketball to a whole new level. As well as attracting player’s attention with bright blue LED lighting, the game also produces a quick pulse-like effect when player scores.”

Moreno says the visual effects along with the tactile satisfaction of sinking a good shot help encourage repeat play. Sonic Basketball also features a moving hoop in-sync with adrenaline- pumping music, and can be linked with up to 15 cabinets. At the heart of the game is Sega’s indelible mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog.

“Five years ago, Sonic-branded basketball brought a whole new look to this game category. Our fresh blue and white Sonic All-Stars version changed the old appearance of basketballs games,” said Sega General Manager Justin Burke. “With our iconic mascot at the heart of the design, the income was noticeably higher than standard units. So now we felt it was time to give this Sonic Basketball a major boost to keep it at the top of the league of basketball games.”

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