Smart Bowling Pin Illumination from QubicaAMF


QubicaAMF Worldwide has released a new product they say is, “the only intelligent pin illumination built for a more impactful bowling experience.” The company’s new CenterPunch Deck Lighting can be controlled through a bowling management system and is fully integrated with its own Conqueror Pro system.

When combined with the company’s BES X Bowler Entertainment System, light effects from the CenterPunch will respond to on-lane events such as strikes, spares and more.

“The multi-color pin deck light alternatives on the market today tend to be one dimensional, providing flashy lighting effects and little else. CenterPunch takes pin illumination to the next level by introducing intelligent control through the Conqueror Pro center management system, along with bowler-driven effects, which combine to enhance the guest experience and bowler engagement,” said Neil Pennington with QubicaAMF. “Centers can quickly build a light show library, easily schedule shows across the center or use different shows on different lanes for different customer groups-like birthday parties or leagues. The possibilities are endless.”

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