Six Flags, Cedar Fair Complete Massive Merger


Six Flags and Cedar Fair recently completed their mega merger to become the largest amusement park operator in North America, according to their press release. The company’s combined portfolio includes 42 theme parks, water parks and resorts across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. They now operate as Six Flags Entertainment Corporation.

Fans of some of the most popular and well-known parks like Ohio’s Cedar Point can rest easy, as the release noted, “Each park in the combined company’s portfolio will retain their legacy branding with no changes to park names currently being planned or contemplated.”

Added Selim Bassoul, executive chairman of the company’s board of directors: “We believe that by combining the best ideas and most successful entertainment practices of both Six Flags and Cedar Fair, the new Six Flags can deliver a superior level of joy and excitement that has yet to be experienced by regional park guests.”

The company is now worth an estimated $8 billion following the merger.


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