Serious Stroke Falls Japan’s Akagi-San


Masumi Akagi, of Game Machine magazine (and now newsletter), suffered an extremely serious stroke last December only two months after he’d decided to close down the Amusement Press publishing business that has made him one of Japan’s leading authorities on the amusement machine industry.

His friend of over 40 years, Fillmore Games’ Toshiba Morita, told RePlay that Akagi’s wife Miwa has moved her stricken husband from one care facility to another in hopes of regaining his lost motor functions, but that recovery is a long, long way off, if at all.

“Mrs. Akagi is a strong-willed person and has been trying all these months to help her husband regain some ability to move and to communicate. But that will require a huge amount of rehabilitation,” said Morita. Akagi had been a familiar face at industry events, including U.S. conventions, for decades. Your prayers are needed.


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