Semnox Touts Parafait System for Capacity Planning, Distancing


As FECs face capacity planning challenges and work to implement social distancing guidelines, Semnox says its Parafait suite of products can prove extremely useful.

Parafait can be used for “seamless capacity planning and implementing social distancing at FECs and parks.” From pre-arrival to entry and exit, Semnox says the system ensures visitors a “worry-free experience.” Parafait can regulate and monitor the capacity of a venue, adhering to social distancing norms.

The system’s booking engine also “enables visitors to book entry tickets and any entitlements via the online portal or the app.”

“The Parafait management system can assist parks and FECs to quickly adapt to the challenges posed by this unprecedented pandemic,” said CEO Kiran Karanki. “In such difficult times, the speed at which businesses can earn the trust of customers becomes a crucial factor in determining how quickly they will bounce back. When visitors know that a particular facility has put in all measures necessary for social distancing, they will feel confident enough to have fun without worry.”


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