Semnox Plans SmartFun Mobile App Rollout in North America


After a successful rollout with Fun City, one of the largest chains of FECs in India (reported in an earlier Instant RePlay), execs at Semnox Solutions say they are now even more excited to launch their SmartFun app in North America and the rest of the world later this year.

The company had the app in use at all of Fun City’s 28 locations prior to the COVID-19 shutdown. Semnox explains that the app gives FECs, arcades and parks the ability to better communicate with guests. It also gives customers all sorts of capabilities right from their own smartphone such as buying and recharging player cards, managing their account and playing games.

Additionally, the company says operators offering the SmartFun app at their locations will have options when it comes to physical card use: They can sell cards for use with it at a profit, give cards to guests at no charge to register, or not use a physical card at all since numbers can be generated by the app.

“The SmartFun App delivers tremendous versatility and opens a world of possibilities for operators in addition to visitors at their facilities,” said Semnox. Sites can engage guests through push notifications, provide real-time full system access and diagnostics along with a comprehensive dashboard. “Guests can now do everything that used to only be accessible on a website and so much more. It will also be available in both Android and Apple applications.”

Bepin Jose, President of Semnox Solutions LLC based in Dallas, was pleased about the prospect of bringing this new mobile software to the USA, adding, “As our company is always striving to be a leader in technological solutions for the amusement industry, our phone app is another milestone. After the successful pilot at Fun City, we were very happy when they decided to roll it out for all their stores. And soon everybody here in America can easily use this phone app with their own corporate branding. I’m certain we’ll quickly see increased market growth of our Parafait System to many more operators in this market. Our SmartFun App will prove to be another game-changer for FEC’s and arcades.”

For more information, visit Semnox online at or email [email protected].


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