Semnox Client Partner Writes on How to “Leverage Technology to Manage Safety”


Player card/cashless system makers have been advocating the adoption of their products and services as a way to directly reduce the touchpoints that can be of concern as the industry’s locations reopen, sharing  educational resources as well as product awareness. Kim Cohen, Client Partner with Semnox, recently wrote about how her company’s technology can help FECs and parks create a safer environment for guests and staff by controlling capacity and better managing of cleaning operations. In her essay, Cohen wrote:

“During these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to be prepared as we face the COVID-19 pandemic. Semnox’s Parafait Capacity-based entry management solution enables FECs, indoor and outdoor parks and attractions to manage access to their venues based on predefined customized capacity-based schedules. Venue management can define capacity at the entire venue level or break the location down into designated sections such as game room, restaurant, party rooms, etc.,  defining separate schedules and capacities for each, as well as individual attractions such as laser tag, go-karts, trampoline and others. Guests can book access via the web-based online Parafait Attraction booking system. Also, the staff has the ability to handle walk-in guests, and through Parafait Insights, can see the bookings for the day, week or specific date/time range.

“There are several options available within Parafait to validate the entry of guests based on pre-booked schedules. This can be done at the POS, self-service kiosk, a cashier-operated, handheld tablet or the automated turnstile control.

“Kiosks are a valuable automated tool to reduce human-to-human contact. Parafait offers various types of kiosks to achieve this goal.

  1. Traditional full-service kiosk for new card sales, recharging cards and checking activity/balances
  2. Food & beverage and game card full-service kiosk that is fully integrated with the kitchen system
  3. Full-service kiosk that dispenses RFID wristbands
  4. Customer registration kiosk to register cards and capture vital guest data for marketing
  5. Self-service redemption kiosk to allow guests to redeem prizes without directly interacting with the staff

“Digitizing as many touchpoints and services as possible will optimize the guest experience. This includes the transition from physical tickets to e-tickets and from physical receipts to e-receipts.

“Beyond better managing and limiting guest entry, it is also important to let guests know everything you are doing to keep your place clean and safe. As one example, Parafait’s smart digital signage can be used to display a live count of the total number of guests inside the venue as well as cleaning times.

“The Parafait Maintenance Module enables you to set up and schedule cleaning activities throughout the day. This solution also allows you to manage preventive maintenance and break-fix for all assets in the venue. The staff can update the status of tasks using a manager console or tablet. All of this information can then be streamed live to the management team, so they can view the status of cleaning and tasks in real-time, or expanded to show the status and progress of cleaning efforts to guests using Smart Digital signage along with Parafait Insights.

“In conclusion, we believe that technology is an enabler that will help you better manage your business during this difficult time and provide a much better guest experience. So, technology along with a sound change management strategy, leadership and a more concentrated focus on guest and staff safety will help our industry navigate through these challenging times.”

To reach out directly to Kim Cohen email her at [email protected]. The company’s website can be found at


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