Semnox Announces Finance Program with Apex & More


Semnox Solutions and Apex Commercial Capital have entered into a partnership to offer a special financing program to those in the family entertainment and leisure industries. According to Semnox, the agreement allows for zero down payment and 0% interest financing for a full system deal.

This limited-time incentive is available through Nov. 30, “empowering customers to access Semnox’s cutting-edge technology and solutions without any initial financial burden.”

“Partnering with Apex Commercial Capital allows us to provide unbeatable financing options to our valued clients,” said Bepin Jose, president of the Americas branch at Semnox Solutions. “Our focus has always been on empowering businesses to thrive and delivering exceptional solutions to our clients to help them do so, and this exclusive offer will significantly contribute to their success by alleviating financial barriers and accelerating their growth.”

Semnox Installs at Dezerland Miami

In other Semnox news, the company announced the conversion of the Dezerland Action Park in Miami to their system. The venue was recently bought by GameTime and General Vending’s Mike Abecassis and his team in a deal that closed on April 24. GameTime has six locations in Florida – Daytona, Fort Myers, Miami, Ocoee, Tampa and Kissimmee – all of which run on the Semnox system.

Dezerland Action Park Miami offers a wide range of indoor attractions, including go-karts, roller skating, a rope course, rock climbing, a ninja course, a trampoline park, virtual reality games, a full arcade, and food and beverage offerings. All systems around the park will now be “seamlessly integrated into a single unified platform, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency,” wrote Semnox.

“The transition was quick and painless without any disruption to ongoing operations,” said Abecassis. “Some of the key components of the new system are the addition of missing functions such as e-commerce, online party booking and reservations, self-service kiosks for gameplay and redemption management, time-slot scheduling, and much more. These enhancements will significantly boost the overall function of the park.”

Semnox Parafait’s ecosystem of integrated solutions will power Dezerland Action Park Miami from the multi-channel sales platforms, venue POS and Self-Service Kiosks to RFID-based debit card systems, cards and wristbands, as well as the “tap-to-play” functionality in the arcade. They will also be utilizing food and beverage inventory and redemption management with Kitchen Display systems.

Semnox’s Bepin Jose said the consolidating of many functions into the Semnox all-inclusive system ensures a “cohesive and streamlined experience for both guests and staff” and “is a strategic move with significant gains when executed well. This undertaking not only simplifies the systems portfolio but also improves the quality of information as data is no longer scattered.”

For more information about the exclusive Semnox-Apex financing initiative or Semnox Solutions’ range of products and services, contact the sales team at [email protected].


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