Sega’s New Kiddie Game Starts Shipping


Sega’s Let’s Go Safari, an edu-tainment game that puts kids behind the wheel of a expedition vehicle transporting them to exotic places, is available now. The game focuses on teaching players about animals and their habitats while simultaneously providing a fun, kiddie ride experience. Players steer the truck, switch gears, turn on the windshield wipers, make fireworks appear, honk the horn and push buttons that bring up facts about the animal they are about to visit. 28 different wildlife videos also entertain the player throughout the game.

LGS Logo“Combining entertainment with education is a tried and true formula that’s worked in children’s television for many years,” said Sega Senior Sales Manager Vince Moreno. “We’re bringing this winning formula to family entertainment centers with Let’s Go Safari. The game is designed to accommodate two children or a child and adult creating a space of shared enjoyment which is one of if not ‘the’ biggest attractions to family entertainment centers in the first place!”

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