Sega’s Game Apex Rebels Now in Production, Shipping


Apex Rebels, where players can become racing pros, is now in production and shipping, according to the manufacturer.

“This game has taken the industry by storm and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback since its successful debuts in both the U.S. and Europe,” said Justin Burke, sales director at Sega Amusements. “Due to the incredible demand, we have increased our production capacity. Therefore, we encourage operators to take immediate action and place their orders now to secure a spot in the production queue.”

In the game, players have a choice of five high-octane race cars and are able to pass through checkpoints that give speed boosts and unlock features like Slipstream, Power Drift and Aero-Drift, which allows racers to boost and overtake their opponents in midair.

The motion-platform video racing game also has an eye-catching 65” LED monitor and panoramic LED video billboard that displays the leaderboard and track map, engaging spectators who’ll surely want to jump in on the action.

For more information, email [email protected] or call 847-364-9787.


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