Sega Unveils Operator Tutorial Videos For Daytona


In order to help operators best utilize the multiple customizable options included in Sega’s Daytona Championship USA, the firm has added tutorial videos explaining many of the features.

Daytona is packed with features for operators and players so we thought it would be great to have some quick tutorial videos explaining these great features,” said Sega GM Justin Burke.

The video breaks down the many different modes available within the new driver, giving operators the details and differences between the modes. “Sega Set Up” is the default configuration, giving an all-around experience suitable for most locations and age groups. “Set Up for Kids” tailors the game to your younger crowd, streamlining menus and making the game easier with an auto drive feature.

Sega’s Vince Moreno reported that the feature allows kids to get the race going without having to touch the games pedals, and will cut out and allow for full control if the player does use the pedals.

The tutorial video also delves in to settings best suited for more dedicated, pro players, allowing the operator to adjust menu times, default automatic transmission and more. The videos continue with information about the new Tournament Mode, which allows operators across the world to set up and promote tournaments on their Daytona drivers.

Finally, Sega also launched a product video for the game’s wider audience and as a promotional tool for operators. The show reel condenses and highlights Daytona’s wide array of features.

You can watch more of the videos here.


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