SEGA to Debut Jumanji Game at Upcoming Expos


SEGA Amusements has announced a brand-new 4-player ticket redemption game – Jumanji. Based on the Sony Pictures film franchise, the game will officially be unveiled from March 1-3 at EAG Expo in London. The game will make its U.S. debut shortly after at Amusement Expo in Las Vegas from March 16-17.

“We are incredibly excited to bring the very first Jumanji redemption game to the family entertainment market,” said CEO Paul Williams. “The franchise has been on a meteoric rise due to the blockbuster success of the recent films, thus making Jumanji a must-have game for 2022 and beyond.”

In the game, players take on the role as one of the recent film’s main characters to “solve the entertaining and exciting games.” To win the super ticket bonus, players must climb the jaguar statue and save Jumanji.

The jungle-themed cabinet features “a dazzling screen surround, a fully lit Jumanji gameboard that tracks players’ progress, dedicated player speakers and all-around artwork that offers flexibility on presenting the game on site,” SEGA said.

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