SEGA Amusements International Not Impacted by Japanese Restructuring


As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire SEGA group in Japan is going through a restructuring process, but SEGA Amusements CEO Paul Williams assures customers that the moves in the Far East have no effect on SEGA Amusements International. “It is business as usual for the teams in the USA and Europe,” he said, adding that they, including SEGA Japan, “continue to develop new games and support the amusements market in those areas.”

The company for arcade operation business in Japan – SEGA Entertainment – was sold to GENDA (, which will take over the roughly 200 arcades in the country. SEGA will retain 14.9% of business shares and will continue to develop games for the arcade market.

Noted industry veteran Kevin Williams: “While the consumer software operation looked to growing market, the corporation looked to divest itself of the burden of amusement and attraction affiliations, as well as looking to streamline the corporation focusing on consumer business (comprising their PC, console and mobile game offerings).”


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