Save the Rack Tournament Raises Nearly $2K in Wyoming


Spearheaded by operator Bob Burnham and a group of pool players in Wyoming, the 4th Annual Save the Rack Tournament was held Oct. 1-3 at the Peppermill Bar & Grill in Cheyenne. It’s a large pool league location of his Paradise Pinball.

“We’ve done it there every year,” he said. “We always make it a really big deal and get the community involved.” This year, the pool tournament raised $1,670 for the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative.

The tournament had 10 tables and 54 attendees – their largest yet and only 10 people away from their capacity.

The Save the Rack Program was concocted by AMOA’s Coin-Op Cares and Championship Billiards to utilize the efforts of the association’s vast operator network to raise funds for breast cancer awareness efforts.

They developed a pink pool table kit that provides unique promotional partnership with locations and offers opportunities for operators to show their community involvement and assist local organizations like the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative.

“The pink pool tables have been something the ladies love,” Burnham said. “It’s just continually grown every year. It feels really good to do something for your community and give back to your community.” It’s not only been a big hit with the players and location, but garners attention in local media as well.

If you’re an operator looking to hold your own event next year, Burnham says you’re more than welcome to reach out to him directly at [email protected] or 970-308-0610. He added: “I’d love to help people get it started in their communities.”

For more information, visit You can also contact AMOA’s Maggie Kapinos at [email protected] or 800-937-2662.


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