Sacoa Publicizes New U.S. Installations


Sacoa Cashless System announced several new installations of its cashless solutions being carried out in the U.S., one, Xtreme Play Adrenaline Park in Danbury, Ct., making the switch from a different supplier.

This FEC features a variety of arcade games, attractions, and food and beverages, all run by Sacoa’s products and services, such as their RFID Spark readers, K4 Kiosks, and all-in-one managing program, Zodiac. Xtreme also takes advantage of Sacoa’s Party and Event Booking Module for all their birthday parties. And Sacoa is even in the process of developing their Mobile App, custom built following Xtreme’s look and feel.

Lake Dawn Resort in Delavan, Wis., also chose Sacoa for their FEC, recently completing the installation. They are using the company’s latest technology, including its EZ Kiosk, which they say features the entire FEC’s server inside a space no bigger than the K4 Kiosk. “And as a bonus, the EZ Kiosk doubles as a K4 Kiosk, giving more bang for your buck,” wrote Sacoa.

Another big project hitting the road soon is Piccadilly Palace in Union, Mo. The company shared how location owner Scott Schuh explained was been put in touch with Sacoa USA CEO Sebastian Mochkovsky through a message he sent to Luis Canon at Planet Arcade. Schuh and Mochkovsky talked for over an hour, the latter covering how the Sacoa system works and detailing why he felt it was superior to others.

Said Schuh, “When someone believes in Sacoa and is passionate about it, that energy is transferred to another individual… Sebastian is so certain about the operation of his system that he… requires neither a contract for purchase nor a monthly fee for software upgrades. In this day and age, while most companies hide behind a contract that favors them should their product not be effective, Sebastian works on a handshake and verbal agreement that his product will perform to the customer’s expectations. This means a lot to me.”


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