RPM Raceway Reopens After 6-Month Renovation


RPM Raceway in Jersey City, N.J., recently upgraded its indoor go-kart track and reopened last week on Jan. 24. The entertainment center now has one of the world’s largest go-kart tracks after the 6-month renovation, according to NJ.com.

The 78,000-sq.-ft. facility features two tracks that combine into more than 2,200 feet of raceway with a 72-second lap time.

The new tracks have three levels, 90-degree hairpin turns, lengthy straightaways. They’re made for up to 16 adult racers and 12 juniors. The venue also features an arcade, esports, VR and a bar and grill is in the works – set to open later this year.

RPM Raceway has five locations in the region – this one in New Jersey, three in New York and one in Connecticut. Learn more at www.rpmraceway.com.


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