Royals Visit U.K. Arcade

Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge

While on Barry Island, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Island Leisure, an FEC on the resort’s seafront that has been the setting of a long-running comedy series on British TV.

You never know who’s going to pop up at an arcade for a fun time! Kate Middleton and Prince William, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge, stopped by the Island Leisure FEC in the seaside town of Barry in South Wales Wednesday to play some games and hear about the impact of Covid-19 on tourism.

Intergame‘s David Snook wrote RePlay that “Prince William was heard to acknowledge that the couple’s skill on the crane machines ‘needs more practice’.”

Electrocoin’s John Stergides was excited to share the news, as the royals were seen playing the company’s  Super OXO Reels prize game. They were also seen enjoying ICE’s Down the Clown, which was shared by People Magazine. (As you can imagine, reports were all over the media, including on the Daily Mail where you can see many additional pictures.)

That’s Deltronic Labs’ Ticket Eater behind Kate Middleton and Prince William as they visited Island Leisure arcade. (Thanks to Intergame’s David Snook for the extra pictures and report.)



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