RINCO Debuts New Character Mix, Boasts Industry Experience


Rhode Island Novelty is offering a fun 2” Spiky Character Assortment, which is geared toward cranes that offer smaller prizes. The company says that “while these spiky prizes are slightly more expensive than the rubber ducks, they bring a much higher perceived value to the crane by offering customers something new and fresh to add to their prize collections.”

Spiky Characters are based on the classic hedge ball and feature lively designs. Says RINCO, “Although rubber ducks will always be the classic crane prize, this Spiky Character Assortment is the perfect way to mix up your crane’s prizes.” You can see them here.

Execs at the prize company are ready to roll as the industry’s locations begin to reopen. They say ordering and expanding your prize mix is simple and fast using their online Order Pad and also that shopping’s simplified by how they organize the products based on where they’re going to go: crane, hanging, shelf and counter.

“Our extensive, retail-quality selection means we will always be able to find the perfect item for any use or ticket range,” they said. Additionally, they report strong inventory levels, a warehouse management system that lets customers check availability in real time, have same-day shipping when you need it faxt and have automatic EPL/DPL generation that works with POS systems like Intercard, Embed and Sacoa. RINCO also has an exclusive partnership with longtime industry consultants Pinnacle Entertainment Group. “Their high-level operating experience takes our industry expertise to the next level,” said the company.

“We are intensely focused on providing high-quality products at low prices while offering a suite of redemption tools. With strong inventory levels and lightning-fast shipping, we can get you what you need, when you need it,” said execs. “Give us a call and get your orders in today. We can’t wait to hear from you.”

Visit the company online at www.rinovelty.com; their phone is: 800-528-5599.


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