Rescuing Retro Arcade Games


An amazing story ­– found in full here – depicts the story of The Fun Ship, a failed, family-oriented pleasure barge that hoped to take its passengers out to sea with pool tables, arcade games, carousels and more to keep them entertained. However, the boat never left its docks, and slowly rotted away with its cargo still inside.

However, U.K. collectors, after many years of red tape, were able to rescue many of the classic, rare arcade games kept in the ship’s hull. Over years, the derelict ship had rusted and fallen apart, but the cargo inside was kept relatively safe. Fast-forward to 2009, when an urban exploration – Urbex – community posted pictures of the treasure trove of games left inside this ship. That set the adventurers of this story down a path that would ultimately lead them to a massive operation that removed the valuable cargo from the forgotten ship.

For more information and to read the full story, click on the link above. (Thanks to Coast to Coast Entertainment’s Gary Balaban for sharing the item on Facebook.)


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