Redemption Plus Partners with PIA Products on Prizes


Redemption Plus has announced a partnership with PIA Products to help streamline the shopping experience for their customers and give options for top-performing high-end prizes that were previously unavailable to Redemption Plus customers. Now, they can access a PIA Products portal that’s curated by both companies to provided prizes.

“In the past, we made Amazon shopping lists for customers looking for items higher than $100,” said Redemption Plus COO Mike Tipton. “We made the decision to work with PIA because they have very little overlap with our product line and by adding a category link on our site, we can provide a curated selection of merchandise and streamline the shopping experience for our customers.

“In addition, we have worked with the PIA team to make DPLs available for PIA orders and help customers skip the step of having to manually enter UPCs into their inventory system every time they buy a high-end prize, like they would if they bought the prize from Amazon or Walmart.”

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