Redemption Plus Creates 4-Part Rebuilding Campaign


Redemption Plus recently created a 4-part plan called Rebuilding Redemption to assist FECs, bowling centers and other entertainment venues recover from now into the start of 2021. The company says the plan “consists of both prize and customer support solutions to give businesses valuable tools to promote performance recovery.”

Elements of the campaign include their Reopening Toolkit, which includes cleanliness tips, marketing suggestions and other problem-solving techniques; new prizes and themes – the first major line expansion from Redemption Plus in a few years; expanded Storyboards offerings; and #RedemptionRelief, a 10% promotion for Redemption Plus customers through the end of 2020 (use the code REDEMPTIONRELIEF at checkout to get the discount).

“As the economy continues to recover from nationwide shutdowns, families are reevaluating how they spend their discretionary income,” the company wrote. “Through our temporary empathetic pricing model, FECs will be able to promote a ‘spend less, win more’ approach to arcade game and redemption programs. Passing on the savings to the end user will allow for a higher return on investment in the game room and promoting a positive guest experience.”

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