Raw Thrills Smashes Game Piracy in China


On April 21, Raw Thrills announced that alongside the Chinese Copyright Bureau and a former FBI agent, they’ve shut down all known manufacturers of counterfeit Raw Thrills games in China.

“These games are of extremely low quality, do not conform to U.S. and international electrical and safety standards, are unreliable, and have no warranty,” said Sales Manager Mark Struhs. “In addition, it is a violation of U.S. and international law to sell, buy, own or operate these games. So we will continue to monitor the situation at home and abroad and prosecute without reservation.”

The copy games first came to the company’s attention via numerous service calls, coupled with information from other operators. From there, they implicated both the buyers and sellers of the games and subjected them to legal action.

“Once the seller was approached by our investigators, they handed over the customer list right away,” said Struhs. “So then we seized games and collected damages from the buyers and middlemen.”

The company says it hopes to maintain constant vigilance in this fight against piracy and counterfeiting, and asks anyone who may have information on fake games or suppliers to contact Struhs at [email protected] .


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