Pump It Up Is Back! Andamiro Launches 20th Anniversary Edition

Andamiro Pump It Up 20th Anniversary CabinetTo celebrate its popular music and dance video game Pump It Up, Andamiro has created a brand-new software system with new music and graphics for the game’s 20th anniversary. It’s shipping now in the company’s current Pump It Up LX cabinet. Upgrade kits featuring the new software are also available.
Dubbed PIU-XX, the game was first featured in November at IAAPA, and more than 40 speed and freestyle dance enthusiasts, known as “Pumpers,” showed up specifically to play the game, which is already popping up in game rooms across the U.S.
The new game ships with 500 songs, 100 of which are new releases. The music is mostly derived from Korean influences and licensed from K-Pop artists, who have been gaining worldwide popularity in recent years.
Pump It Up was originally released in August 1999 in South Korea and quickly expanded into North and South America and Europe. Want to learn more? Read our feature story on it in the March issue.

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