Product Fulfillment Program to Begin Late Spring


 Apple Industries says has been getting a lot of attention for their new Product Fulfillment Program, the most recent accolade an AMOA Innovator Award at the Amusement Expo in March. Recently, they announced that it would roll out to operators through a software update late in spring of this year. This new merchandising program, formally Face Place Smile 2.0 Product Fulfillment, lets customers transfer the photos they take in Face Place photo booths on custom-made coffee mugs, phone cases and keychains. The photo booth is effectively turned into a digital retail store, giving operators the chance to increase revenue on any Smile 2.0 enabled booth.

face-place“Where else can you take a picture of yourself and, on the spot, order a t-shirt, coffee mug or keychain with your photo on it?” Apple COO Scott Avery asked. “These items make perfect gifts for friends and family, and it’s the easiest incremental revenue stream the operator ever had. There is literally nothing for the operator to do but sit back and rake in the extra income!”

Apple is also using this program and their social media upsells to capture the email addresses of its customers. The company hopes to reach out to customers with emails year-round that will push holiday-themed promotions and create a lasting customer relationship.

“Apple’s business model is all about creating a permanent alliance between ourselves and the operator,” said Apple CEO Allen Weisberg. “That’s why our free upgrades continue for years and years after you buy a Face Place product. Now the customers are being drawn more directly into this permanent relationship, too. This makes our business model even stronger – which can only benefit the operator. Keep your eye on Apple for more groundbreaking new ideas in the near future!”

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