President/COO Of D&B Speaks at Redemption Plus Gathering


Redemption Plus gathers its employees three times a year for the company’s “Purpose Pow Wow,” but the most recent edition of the event included a special guest: Dolf Berle, President and Chief Operations Officer of Dave & Buster’s.

President and COO of D&B, Dolf Berle.

President and COO of D&B, Dolf Berle.

“Having worked with Dave & Buster’s since the start of the year, I was very excited to get to meet Dolf,” said Stephanie Swalley, employee at Redemption Plus. “Dave & Buster’s is the gold standard when it comes to family entertainment centers, so it was a real treat to interact with such an accomplished leader in the industry. Berle’s presentation was captivating, inspiring and, most of all, relevant to everything we are working on here at Redemption Plus. It was a true honor to have him here.”

Berle talked about how business transformations can impact teams and how to ensure that the outcome of potential changes can stay positive. According to Swalley, the Redemption Plus office has been buzzing since the talk, with a new list of books to read and strategies to implement.

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