Polycade Sente Model Preorder Available Now


The machine makers at Polycade have their modular Polycade Sente available for discounted preorder now on their website. Polycade Sente is in pre-production and is estimated to ship in April.

Polycade is currently selling the Sente for $1,999, a $500 discount from its retail price. The modular unit allows for swappable controllers, swappable computer, and optional add-ons like a marquee topper or stand.

“It’s easy to download new games from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s onto your Polycade: just purchase them on the AGS store, from platforms like Steam and GOG, or add your own ROMs and start playing!” Polycade shared.

Click here to preorder and learn more at www.polycade.com.


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