Pipeline Games Offers Testing Program to Operators


To debut its brand-new arcade games, Gary Balaban’s Pipeline Games is offering a limited number of operators into a testing program that’ll give them access to half-off prices on the redemption pieces. Testing brand-new, never-before-seen games “allows operators to differentiate themselves from other game centers in their area,” Balaban explained.

Those accepted into the testing program will be required to give weekly income reports for a period of 12 weeks. In lieu of income reports, they can offer ranking reports for the game center to show where the testing game ranks.

“This is great opportunity to get some new games for your location at a time when money is tight,” Balaban said. “Give your customers something new to play while not breaking the bank.”

Less than 40 machines are available for each testing cycle, and once all slots are full, no additional people will be able to enter the program. Distributor participation is permitted. The units will be shipped from the Pipeline Games warehouse in New Jersey. Customers will be responsible for shipping or arranging pick up.

For those unfamiliar, Pipeline was started by longtime game maker Gary Balaban, who founded Coast to Coast Entertainment in 1999 along with his late partner John Maurer. Balaban said he’s got “the band back together,” including the “force that keeps it all together, Beverly Ruhman” and is excited to be designing and producing new games again. Among their initial products have been bulk venders like the electronic Toys And Prizes machine and player card vending kiosks.

Learn more at www.pipelinegames.com.


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