Pinnacle Signs Embed & Shaffer


Pinnacle Entertainment Group, LLC has signed both Embed and Shaffer Distributing up as what they refer to as “Strategic Clients.” They now join Pinnacle’s diverse service sources for customers that want to develop game rooms and FEC attractions.

As RePlay reported earlier, Pinnacle recently restructured into an independent FEC advisory firm. The company continues to support new clients developing attractions, but the restructuring allows them to offer these new Strategic Clients to their customers.

“In our last seven years under the Redemption Plus banner we have proven the concept: Pinnacle as a significant contributor to help suppliers to grow, to better serve the FEC market, and to understand the customer,” said Pinnacle chief George McAuliffe (pictured at right). “In terms of our end user clients — those adding or modernizing their game rooms and FEC attractions — three key ingredients in every deal are solutions for debit card system, games, and redemption merchandise.

“Pinnacle’s role is to bring these solutions to the table, add our magic in game room operating systems and integration, and allow the new game room or FEC to avoid the expensive learning curve,” George continued. “We’ve now formalized the team approach with Embed, Redemption Plus and Shaffer and have everything developers need to hit the ground running, converting ‘lookers’ to regular players from day one.”

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