PayRange Debuts BluCheck for Age-Restricted Vending


In addition to promoting their cashless payment solutions for amusement games, the PayRange team was also at Amusement Expo to display its latest: age and identity verification technology that extends the capabilities of existing vending machines to improve compliance and minimize underage access of 21-plus products, such as alcohol and tobacco.

The product is powered by a new division of PayRange called “immi” (pronounced “I’m me”) and consists of an in-app age verification component and the BluCheck hardware. BluCheck installs on machines like the company’s BluKey does on games and vending equipment and works on ay MDB (multi-drop bus) standard vending machine. The tech also leverages PayRange’s mobile payment network and existing app user base of more than 6 million. The end result is the creation of a reusable digital ID that allows verified consumers to make repeat age-restricted purchases without going through the process each time.

Vending operators with BluCheck devices installed, says the company, can unlock incremental revenue opportunities through the responsible sale of 21-plus items, such as alcohol and tobacco products. The payment for the BluCheck transaction is handled through the PayRange app. From the consumer’s perspective, the purchase is a contactless, frictionless, and secure transaction that takes only seconds to complete.

“Our vision at PayRange has always been about using technology to remove barriers to commerce and connecting consumers to everyday purchases by removing the friction in a transaction. We believe that age-restricted commerce should be approached in the same way,” stated Exec VP Stephanie Cordisco. “We have digitalized age-restricted commerce, not only making it more responsible and compliant, but also unlocking new frictionless shopping experiences aligned to the evolving needs of consumers. With the addition of immi technology in our app, our growing network of highly engaged users can now purchase 21-plus products in a more secure and seamless way while improving compliance and reducing underage access to restricted products.”

For vending machine operators, the company says the BluCheck device is low cost and scalable, enabling them to expand revenue opportunities while also enhancing the consumer’s experience.

“Unlike other technology-based solutions today that require operators to purchase either a completely new machine or substantial external add-on, the BluCheck device installs in about a minute on an existing machine,” said PayRange. Additional information including pricing is available at and


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