Paul Jacobs Remembers His Friend Ed Boasberg


“I was sad to read in the April issue of Eddie Boasberg’s passing. Eddie was a good friend, although we hadn’t seen each other in many years. Some people may remember that Eddie worked for me as Sales Manager at Meadows Games in the late seventies. He was smart, knew the business well, and was a terrific salesman.

“Eddie’s father, Louis, was a mentor to me ever since I first met him when I was Branch Manager for Rowe International’s New Orleans office. He welcomed me to the city he loved and made me feel at home. We continued to enjoy a close relationship for many years after I moved to California, and we dined together at almost every trade show, along with our mutual friend Kenny Anderson.

“Back was when Eddie and I were together at Meadows Games, we had him over for Thanksgiving dinner at my house in Los Altos. After dinner he left for home, and shortly later we received a phone call that he was in Stanford Hospital due to a horrible car accident. He had moved over to the shoulder of the highway to avoid an oncoming passing car. Unbeknownst to him there was an abandoned car on the shoulder right where he veered over. It was late at night and the highway was not lit so he never saw the car until he hit it.

“After a few days in the hospital, my wife and I put him up at our house for two months while he recuperated and regained his health. Rest in peace, my old friend. Paul”


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