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Consistent Encouragement in the Face of Adversity


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Beth Standlee

By Beth Standlee, CEO, TrainerTainment

I’ve been thinking a lot about the “challenge” of 2020-and beyond. Thoughts race through my mind about what can be done. What can I do? Most days, what comes to me is to encourage others.

This month, I realized that encouragement is not only something external to do for others but it is a daily internal job needed for myself. In looking up the word encouragement, I found the definition so profound it inspired the content for my article this month.

To encourage someone is to “to fill with or inspire courage, to help embolden with purpose.”

1. the action of giving someone
support, confidence, or hope.

See what I mean about encouragement being an inside and an outside opportunity? Encouraging others comes very easily to me. Remembering to encourage myself can be more difficult at times. How about you? How are you doing on a day-to-day basis?

I find hope and courage in a number of ways:

1. I have a daily routine of study and prayer.

2. Understanding that courage, inspiration and energy come when I’m connected with others and working on what we can do to solve problems.

3. Thinking about what I can do and not staying stuck in the things that I have ZERO control over (which happens to be most things). Stuck feels terrible to me.

4. I would rather “do” than wait…and I know sometimes waiting or being still is good.

5. When I get out of my own “stuff” to help someone else, I easily find hope and courage.

My mentor, Nancy Starr, used to remind me how damaging the “oh ain’t it awful” syndrome is for business, relationships and your own mental fortitude. There’s some pretty awful sh#! associated with the last 12 months and as Nancy would highlight, a ton of good stuff too.

In talking with owners, managers, salespeople and even front-line folks, the resilience and tenacity of those who are in this fight is incredibly encouraging. Every person in your life needs you to encourage them a little bit. I wonder what would happen if we “stormed” one another with a hopeful word here and there. What would happen if we shared a little bit of our own courage with someone else?

I understand this column is dedicated to parties and that during the past months we continue to be encouraged NOT to gather together in big groups. But, there are many ways to gather. We’ve learned how to do that on Zoom. I suspect there will be more drive-by and Zoom birthday parties in the next few months. I want to encourage you to be a part of that experience with a “birthday to go” or a small group party. You don’t have to miss out on the fun –– or the revenue –– now.

There are MANY good ideas floating around. FEC operator groups on Facebook are a great place to share and receive information. We have Peer Talk every week (sign up at And, many people have joined Mastermind or “20” groups to help support one another. It is more important than ever to collaborate with each other. When you can’t encourage yourself, there are others out there motivated to help you.

If ever there was a time for us to come together, now is that time. We are going to thrive. There are plenty of hopeful and courageous folks that are leading the way during this time. I hope you are OK. I hope you are taking advantage of programs that give you the lifeline needed to get to the next phase. I encourage you to be hopeful with your team, your customers and, most of all, your family. When people say, “we are in this together,” I’m not sure they know the family entertainment market. Our group has been hit very hard and the resilience of “getting up again” is inspiring.

I love you all and can’t wait to start throwing BIG PARTIES!

Beth is the CEO of TrainerTainment LLC, a training company devoted to the family entertainment and hospitality industries. Beth and her team are focused on helping the companies they serve to make more money through sales, guest service, leadership and social media marketing training. Training products and services are delivered in person, through books and DVDs, and virtually with e-learning courses, webinar development and 24/7 online access. Visit her company’s website at



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