Partec Converts Facility, Creates Face Guards


Partec Inc., a company involved in some production work for Raw Thrills games, has converted their facility to create large quantities of face guards for hospitals.

The Franklin Park, Ill.-based business was forced to shut down production because of COVID-19, but after requests from local essential businesses, they decided to get to work on the face guards. Partec is currently working with three different companies.

The first order for 500,000 went into production on April 28 and will be shipped directly to hospitals by May 8. According to owner Brian Polacki, there are potential orders in the works for millions more.

Production for the roughly 56,000 face guards per day requires 100 Partec employees, set up with their own workstations and practicing social distancing in the facility. Partner Raw Thrills moved some finished products to their warehouse in order to open up much-needed extra floor space.


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