Paper Ticket Experts Business Up for Sale


After a bad fall in late April that put him back in a wheelchair, 83-year-old industry inventor Steve Shoemaker has decided to slow down a bit and sell his Paper Ticket Experts company, which he says has “many good, satisfied customers and has had 20 successful, profitable years of operation” including 2019.

Paper Ticket Experts has three Flexographic printing presses, patents, individual location print rollers, perforation dies, ink, pallets of paper and all necessary operational utensils. To learn more about it, visit

While Shoemaker says he is stepping back, the multi-patent holder is quick to add that he fully intends to continue to invent and build prototypes, with a desire to license rather than manufacture. He says he’s especially excited about his latest invention, Turbo-Tickets.

Shoemaker says that in this COVID-19 environment, “Arcades are in trouble. Restaurants are starting to open with 25 to 50 percent of pre-virus occupancy. Let’s say that when game rooms open, it will be with 50 percent fewer games, which will make 50 percent less than pre-virus days.”

“You can’t speed game play,” his reasoning continues, “but you can greatly speed up ticket dispensing. Our Turbo-Tickets runs 50 times faster – or more — than the dispenser you now use; dispensing tickets faster makes more money.”

RePlay’s seen the Turbo-Tickets dispenser in action at Shoemaker’s Redondo Beach shop and at the California operator association show earlier this year and its speed is impressive. To learn more, visit


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