Oregon Association Meets, Encourages More to Attend


The Oregon Amusement & Music Operators Assn. held its annual fall meeting Dec. 14 at Langdon Farms, the golf club that has become a home for the group’s get-togethers. Association President Jerry Johnston said, “The meeting went really well, but we do wish we had more operators in attendance.” About 30 folks gathered for the day’s activities which included roundtable sessions and ended with an AMI service school. Johnston said the association especially wanted to thank the companies that donated items for their auction, Beston, AMI, TouchTunes, Embed and Stern among them.

The group’s lobbyist Roger Martin with Gov. Kate Brown.

Johnston was also happy to report that they gained a new member that day, James Pepion of Funtastic Amusement.

During the event, OAMOA held five seminars, all round-table style: one on cashless systems put on by Amusement Unlimited’s Jamie Rust and Embed’s John Keys; a session on the Amusement Expo by Tim Turnquist of National Entertainment Network (who also conducted the group’s auction); ATM and game security/theft prevention by QuarterWorld’s Logan Bowden; bulk vending by A&A Global’s Rachel Rosenberg; and lobbyist Roger Martin gave a legislative update before having to leave early to meet with the state’s outgoing governor, Kate Brown.

The association’s President Jerry Johnston says a few words to the group.

Lunch was hosted by AMI and TouchTunes and following mealtime, AMI conducted a service school. Said Johnston, “It was an event put on by manufacturers, operators, distributors and suppliers, all joining to not only support our association but also our industry at large.”

For more information about the Oregon association, call Johnston at 541-688-1888.

John Keys of Embed and Jamie Rust of Amusement Unlimited giving the cashless seminar.

AMI’s Chris Owens led a service school after the regular meeting.

Jennifer Jayne, OAMOA board member and vice president of the National Bulk Vendors Assn., joins in on the meeting.


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