Omni Arena Helps Small FEC Draw a Crowd


Virtuix’s Omni Arena has been a big boost for Scary Strokes, an 11,000-sq.-ft. FEC in the 75,000-person community of Waldorf, Md. The company’s owner Doug Roth recently spoke with Virtuix CEO Jan Goetgeluk and said the Omni Arena attraction has roughly doubled the amount of guests at his facility.

With their blacklight mini-golf course as another anchor attraction, Scary Strokes added Omni Arena in 2019, when they were attracting 1,000-2,000 guests a month. Since the install, the venue now draws 2,500-3,000 guests a month. At $15 a pop, that’s $15,000 a month in revenue.

“A lot of people come to our venue just for Omni Arena,” he said. “There’s one family who comes every Saturday.” Learn more at and


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