October is National Roller Skating Month


It’s National Roller Skating Month and the Roller Skating Assn. encourages families to visit their local centers to participate in the “Sock it to Cancer” fundraising campaign. This year’s theme is “Roller Skating is the ORIGINAL Social Network.” The association also touts the physical and mental health benefits of staying active on the rink.

Just in time for the special month, “Mr. & Mrs. Sparkles” – the couple otherwise known as Jeff and Ava Couey, who own a roller skating FECs in Georgia – recently installed Intercard in their Starlite Family Fun Center facility.

Jeff is a former president of the Roller Skating Assn. He and Ava embraced cashless technology to enhance their customers’ arcade experience. They plan on going cashless across all their attractions, including food and beverage operations.


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