Editorial – November 2022



Eddie Adlum 6-2020

At least one thing is certain about the state of coin-op in late 2022: there aren’t all that many newcomers looking to enter the business. It’s been pretty much a set-piece for a while with most of the routes under control and while we do see new FECs springing up, most of the players there are also well-known by now.

That said, there’s really no need to tout the benefits of attending the upcoming IAAPA exposition down in Orlando to readers who already know all about it, unless they forget that the lifeblood of coin-op comes from the games on location. And as every veteran of this trade knows by now, if it’s new, weird or even revolutionary, it’ll probably be at some display at IAAPA.

Variety is the spice of life - graphic for Editorial 1122Variety in all things is something most human beings need. It’s a basic. Living in a same ol’, same ol’ world isn’t for those who want to truly live. You know I’m heading for the game room when this subject comes up. I’m one of those who knows that when you put something new in front of a person, he or she’s gonna notice it and hopefully stick a player card into it.

Denise Charpentier of Caesars Entertainment says: “It’s important to keep the floor fresh” when talking about the game spread. Of course, that can mean new games as well as repositioned older ones so you can play “what’s different about this picture” with your regular customers when they walk into the place. Change purely for the sake of change!

Comedians used to make fun of wives rearranging the furniture in the living room, but there’s a certain amount of sense in that. Sure, there are people who only eat American cheese on Wonder Bread for lunch, but I really don’t think that defines the folks who play amusement machines. So, go down to your place, put your hands on your hips and look around. If it’s interesting and compelling, go back to your desk and finish reading this. Your job is done. But if it’s not, see you at IAAPA!

Note: The associations that own the spring Amusement Expo (AAMA and AMOA) recently announced that the BCA will be folding its Billiard & Home Leisure Expo into our spring show in Vegas, March 27-30. This is no small thing because it’s bound to change the complexion of the event by bringing lots of new exhibits and people from those trades onto the show floor. The whole combined event will look more like an “IAAPA” than ever. Talk about something new and different!


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