New Video Pinball Title Avaliable


Earlier this month (Feb. 7), Australian-based manufacturer Arcoda Pty Ltd., announced a partnership with Barnstorm Games, Ltd. The two companies are collaborating on an adaptation of Barnstorm’s digital pinball game, Timeshock!, adapting the traditionally PC-driven game to a video pinball cabinet.

The companies say Timeshock! was one of the first video pinball games ever created, dating back to the late ’90s. Timeshock! – The Arcade Edition will turn the game into a dedicated, full-size cabinet with advanced physics software, a new lighting engine, photo realistic graphics and more.

The two companies have added many features to the original Timeshock! game, several of which are only possible in a video pinball cabinet. The game will offer multiple backglass display options, multi-color DMD, advanced tournament features and more.

“Pro Pinball is one of the premium titles available as a video pinball table with a rich history. We are extremely happy to be working with Barnstorm who are adding additional features to an already feature packed pinball game software. When combined with our machines, It will play and feel like a real pinball,” Arcooda CEO Steve Josifovski said.

For more information on the game, click here.


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