New Owners to Revitalize Illinois Bowling Alley


The former Country Tyme Lanes in Rantoul, Ill., now called Rugers, is under new ownership and ready to get some new life. According to WCIA, the alley has been around since 1964 and closed eight months ago.

New owners Aaron and Cindy Tuller have stepped in to make improvements while keeping the nostalgic feel for the generations of people who enjoyed going to the alley.

“A ton of the community is always commenting on, ‘We wish somebody would buy the bowling alley and get the bowling alley going,’” Tuller said. “So, reading those over the last five years, we decided to take that opportunity to do it, to bring it back and have a business opportunity for ourselves.”

The duo has started opening the building for junior league bowling and plans to add more attractions like an indoor batting cage and arcade.


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