New Nolan Bushnell Game Crowdsourced on Kickstarter


Star Audition is now live on Kickstarter through March 19; it’s the latest game from Virsix Games, co-founded by Nolan Bushnell and Zai Ortiz. Called the world’s first act-it-out party game, Star Audition is a tabletop game that offers enhanced gameplay options through the smart speakers Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The game transports players to a Hollywood movie audition, where they take on roles and perform dialogues randomly selected from a multitude of scripts across a variety of film genres.

That not only includes scripts from today and the Golden Age of movies because Virsix is also crowdsourcing scripts on Kickstarter. Along with letting fans become a part of the game, backing the project on Kickstarter will give them early access.

Learn more at: and Also, keep an eye out for RePlay’s March issue, which will include Bushnell’s thoughts on the future of location-based entertainment (hint: he says it will be “bigger than ever”).


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