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To Tha Net by UNIS 1019UNIS Debuts New Games

Factory Readies Four To Showcase in Orlando As Excitement Builds For Fall Expo

Fun is universal, and that’s just what UNIS is bringing to the tail end of 2019 with its new games: To Tha Net and To Tha Net Jr., Ultra Moto VR and Jetball Alley.

As one might expect, To Tha Net is a basketball game. Scheduled to debut next month at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando, To Tha Net and its smaller Jr. cabinet for kids will both be equipped with LCD backboards, and feature superb graphics and the dazzling lights and sounds you’d expect.

The original game’s monitor is a whopping 65” LCD display, and has real-time digital prompts to encourage repeat play, UNIS says. As many as 16 units can be linked together.
To Tha Net has been testing on location in Asia since March.

UNIS To Tha Net Jr 1019

To Tha Net Jr.

“The results have been remarkable,” said UNIS General Manager Steven Tan. “We are seeing more and more repeat plays from competitive players who are drawn to the interactivity of the game. The voice prompts really get the players going.”

Players score points to progress through four different stages of the game, which can be altered by difficulty level to cater to various skill levels. They can compete against the clock or with other players for the highest score. Also, the game comes with a camera feature to get a photo of the player’s face for the leaderboard.

With Ultra Moto VR, UNIS says it’s “pushing immersive racing experience to its limits” with the virtual reality simulator. Atop a motion platform, the game lets players take control of a motorcycle simulator –– allowing them to enjoy the thrill of realistic racing in the virtual world.

UNIS Ultra Moto VR 1019Developed in collaboration with IGS, Ultra Moto VR integrates VR technology, bass vibration, wind effect and motion. It’s sold as a twin set for head-to-head racing, and is linkable up to four units (eight total bikes).

Realistic graphics are displayed on a 43” LCD screen for viewers in the real world, and numerous high-octane racetracks are included in the game. Players can choose from 12 sets of bike customizations, and they can also drift, overtake other riders and perform signature stunts.

Adjustable VR headsets are included, but in order to give operators some flexibility, the game can easily switch between VR mode and non-VR mode.

The game first made its debut at IAAPA Expo Europe in September, and is set to begin shipping by early November.

UNIS Jetball Alley 1019Finally, there’s Jetball Alley, which was unveiled in September at the AAMA Gala and is expected to start shipping by early November. It’s a follow up to their successful video bowling game Lane Master, released in 2017.

“This time around, UNIS combined the use of holographic technology with physical elements to maintain some authenticity of the traditional gameplay,” the company noted.

Jetball Alley features a 55” LCD monitor with color-changing LED lights around the nine holes at the end of the playfield. It uses holographic projection to display animations and effects as well. By rolling balls up the incline, players must try to hit three holes in a row to score (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). Scoring combos adds more points: it’s that simple. Players also have a chance to play a bonus round if they reach a certain high score. The game is available as a single unit or with three linkable units.

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